Founder's Story

My name is Nick Updike and here is my story...

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My Mission

Help people find the courage to follow their passion, move past their comfort zone, and live life on their own terms. ReelDriven provides engaging information and resources to assist others in their physical, mental, spiritual, and professional development.

So many people in today’s world are constrained by society’s expectations of what success and happiness look like. High school and college students are told by their parents what field of work they should go into or what college they should attend, rather than allowing their children to do what motivates and inspires them. If that's not enough, social media has presented a whole new set of challenges. People are now comparing themselves to fitness models, ultra successful influencers, or athletes who have practiced their craft for years and years, yet most of the time, we only see their successes and the finished product. Life is not a competition of who has the most followers. Our generation needs to stop focusing on how much "better" or "farther" these people appear, and start focusing on our own journey and being true and authentic to ourselves.

I want people to take back their power, find their voice, and become ReelDriven! I want people to leave FEAR behind. FEAR of not being good enough, FEAR of rejection, and FEAR of what others might think of them. I intend to build a strong community of individuals fulfilling their life's purpose and taking massive action towards the life they want to live. Through this community, I want others to feel empowered and supported in their battle to make an impact in the world.